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Businessline fits the company's ecosystem

Our Solutions

Service management

All your processes can be modeled. Make interact all company stakeholders. Simple, flexible and scalable, BL 2016 will change the way you work. You can manage any type of application, request, regardless of its level of complexity (quote request, information request, vacation request, request validation, authorization requests etc ...). In this way, our solution addresses all trades (HR, legal , logistics, finance ... ) and your service providers and suppliers . BL 2016 allows all businesses to strive for excellence.


Customer service

Our solution opens the range of possibilities to interact with your customers. Your customers are satisfied because their demands, theirrequests or complains are handled and processed by the right people at the right time! Improve your customer experience through the use of intuitive web portal, an interactive and relevant knowledge data base and real time tracking of their requests.


Helpdesk IT

For nearly 20 years, BusinessLine fully addresses the problems of IT Helpdesk. Within your service catalog, manage your incident management workflows, problems, changes, releases, tasks. Whatever your level of maturity ITIL, our BL2016 solution will allow to model and optimize all IT processes in your organization and manage your teams.